"Homedash pebbledashed my house, left a neat tidy job thank you." Joan Parkinson (Bingley)

"Gave a prompt satisfactory quote and a great job, would recommend" Richard Parker ( Baildon)

"Great texture job lads cheers." Phill Pickard (Wrose)

"What a transformation from the drab old sand and cement." Joseph Wright (Bradford)

"Stone spa looks great on that cream background, thank you." Mick Hurd (Nabwood)

Sand & Cement Render - Why We Wont Use It!

sand cement render problemWe do not use problematic sand and cement render and recommend that you avoid it too. This is why.

Common problems can occur using sand and cement render:
Smooth external cement renders are composed of basic sand, water and cement in precise proportions.  Too much cement and it becomes very brittle and not able to deal with thermal expansion and contraction or too much sand can lead to it holding water against the wall whilst too much water leads to slumping and poor adhesion.


waterlogged pebble dash

trapped water freezes and expands

Waterlogged Pebble Dash

Trapped water freezes & expands

Due to these potential weaknesses it is recommended that such coverings should only be applied at a temperature of 5°C or above and should only be carried out during dry conditions and not in direct sunlight.

Whenever you see lots of tiny hairline cracks like crazy paving it is because the rendering was put on when the weather was too hot and the water has evaporated too quickly.


failed render

Repair Quotes: If your sand & cement render has failed or you are considering a new rendering project then please give us a call to discuss your options and alternatives to sand & cement. Free prompt quotation give us a call : 01274 402489 or 07846937728

Redecoration of cement renders needs to be carried out approximately every 2 – 3 years. 

Without regular maintenance moisture will penetrate and it is possible for 1 M² to hold up to 2 gallons of water.
When moisture has penetrated freezing occurs causing loss of adhesion to the wall and eventually causing large sections to fall away.  Repairs are very noticeable with this method of covering.

Once penetration has occurred water vapour in the home cannot easily escape through the walls , the temperature drops and you now have the ideal conditions for black spot mould and condensation.

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